December NEWS 2000

All the activities named below were undertaken during the period from the 10-th meeting of COOMET Committee in May 2000, Almaty:

  1. Were held:

Ionizing radiation and radioactivity (June 20-21 2000, settlement

Mendeevo, Moscow area, Russia);

Electricity (October 23-24 2000, Bratislava, Slovakia);

Flow measurements (October 30-31 2000, Bratislava, Slovakia).

2. The representatives of C╬╬╠┼Ď took part in the proceedings of activity:

The participants from C╬╬╠┼Ď:

V. Belotserkovsky, P. Kneppo, A. Pohodun

(On the meeting were adopted:

  • JCRB Rules Procedure for CMC entry into Appendix C;
  • Timetable for submissions of CMCs to the JCRB for entry into Appendix C;
  • JCRB statement on CMC evaluation).

The participants from C╬╬╠┼Ď: N. Zhagora;

The participants from C╬╬╠┼Ď: H.-D. Felfe, A. Astashenkov

The participants from C╬╬╠┼Ď: Vasiliev D.R., Semenov Y.A.

The participants from C╬╬╠┼Ď: Bregadze Y.I., Korostin S.V.

3. The C╬╬╠┼Ď Secretariat have prepared the updated C╬╬╠┼Ď Directory - 2000 (as of September 2000):

The Directory in paper and electron forms is distributed in Russian and English languages between all members of Committee, rapporteurs of COOMET, in international and regional organizations.

4. Web-site of C╬╬╠┼Ď is opened in the Internet:

5. National measures

Russian and international public celebrated 75 anniversary of Gosstandart of Russia (October 12-13 2000, Moscow) and 100 anniversary of the oldest metrological institute of Russia - All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS) - active participant wich contributes greatly to the cooperation in the frameworks of C╬╬╠┼Ď (October 3-4 2000, Moscow).

We congratulate our colleagues from Kazakhstan with the foundation (for the first time in a history of Kazakhstan) national metrological institute (KazInMetr).

Our congratulations to the member of COOMET Committee Z.A. Abdirasilov with appointment for a post of the director of this institute.