Please take our best wishes and congratulations on the account of your anniversary 60 years.

All your course of life is an example of sincere dedication to occupation, enviable work efficiency and enthusiasm resulting into your reputation as a highly qualified metrologist who is considerably contributing into development of metrology in Russia and reinforcement of international cooperation in the field of metrology.

We know you as an active participant and the head of department in PKS CEA, and as a professional who had took part in the creation of the new type of Regional Metrological Organization Euro-Asia cooperation of national metrological institutions (COOMET) which really cost you a lot of efforts.

At the time of your reign in the position of COOMET President your activities were fully focused on the development of COOMET and increasing of its prestige at the international level.

Now in the position of Vice-President of COOMET you lead very important branch of cooperation regarding realization of the Arrangement on Mutual Recognition of national measuring standards. We acknowledge your active position in the work of Joint Committee of RMO and BIPM that also proves your professionalism and creative approach to your work and never ending inspiration.

We wish you sound health and many years and let good spirits and ever-lasting optimism always come along with you.

Lets your heart will be full of hope and joy. We wish you strength for completing your goals and let the friends will support you in your deeds.

We hope for further fruitful and creative cooperation for the sake of our joint work.


Nicolay Zhagora, COOMET President

& COOMET Secretariat