COOMET MoU year of signing:2016 (associate member)
Area:9 634 000 km2
Population:1.4 billion
last update: 15.04.2021

1. Law on metrology
Metrology Law of People�s Republic of China (Amended Oct.26, 2018).
2. Metrological infrastructure
All activities in the field of metrology in China is regulated by the Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China, which is adopted at the 12th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress and promulgated by Order No. 28 of the President of the People's Republic of China on September 6, 1985, and effective as of July 1, 1986. This Law is formulated to strengthen the metrological supervision and administration, to ensure the uniformity of the national system of units of measurement and the accuracy and reliability of the values of quantities, so as to contribute to the development of production, trade and science and technology, to meet the needs of socialist modernization and to safeguard the interests of the state and the people.
The State Administration for Market Regulation of P. R. China (SAMR) is the ministerial, administrative body directly under the State Council of the People�s Republic of China in charge of the following duties:
  • To conduct comprehensive supervision and management of the market;
  • To execute uniform registration of market economic operators and strengthen and information transparency and sharing mechanism to organized integrated market surveillance enforcement and undertake antimonopoly law enforcement, so as to normalize and maintain the market order;
  • To organize the fulfilment of the national quality strategy, promoting industry quality advancement, promoting imported food safety and supervising the special equipment safety as well;
  • To be responsible for the building up national systems and infrastructure of measurement, standards, testing, certification and accreditation;
  • In addition, SAMR is also entrusted to oversee the newly restated State Drug Administration and newly restructured State Bureau of Intellectual Property.
The Department of Metrology of SAMR is responsible for metrology administration, the contact person is as below:
Contact person:Mr. Zheng Huaxin
Address:�9 Madiandonglu Haidian District, Beijing, 100088 P.R.China
Telephone:86 10 82261849
Fax:86 10 82260131
Founded in 1955, National Institute of Metrology of the People�s Republic of China (NIM) is a non-profit research organization under the State Administration for Market Regulation of P. R. China (SAMR).It is China�s national metrology institute (NMI) and the state-level technical center for legal metrology. It stays at the top of China's traceability chain.
As of September 2022, NIM has about 1050 staff members. NIM has two campuses. The Hepingli Campus focuses on R&D in traditional areas and service provision and is NIM's customer service center. The Changping Campus focuses on cutting-edge research that has a high requirement on laboratory conditions.
3. National measurement standards
As of September 2022 , NIM maintains 136 national primary standards and 400 national measurement standards.
4. Status of participation in Metre Convention
Member of the Metre Convention since 1977.
Signatory of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (CIPM MRA): NIM (October 14, 1999), has the right to use the CIPM MRA logo from November 27, 2006.
Applied Institute: Hangzhou Applied Acoustics Research Institute (HAARI) (from January 1, 2013)

A representative of NIM (Dr Y. Duan) is a member of CIPM (since 2010).
NIM has representatives in 10 BIPM Consultative Committees.
5. Certificates of recognition of QMS of NMIs (within COOMET)
China receives its NMI QMS recognition within APMP.
6. Status of Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC data)
China publishes its CMC data within APMP.