Area: 33,7 thousand-sq. km
Population: 3.567 million
Capital: Kishenev
last update: 31.08.2016

In conformity with the law on metrology No. 647-XIII adopted on the 17th of November 1995 in the Republic of Moldova with subsequent modifications and completions, state governance, providing the policy in the domain of metrology is performed by the Ministry of Economy (General Direction of quality infrastructure and market surveillance) that is the Central Metrology Authority.

In the domain of metrology, the ministry is governed by law “On metrology”, enactments of the President of the Republic of Moldova, dispositions, orders, ordinances of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, international agreements and conventions signed by the Republic of Moldova.

The infrastructure of national system of metrology includes:

·      Central Metrology Authority (CMA) – central public administration branch body under Government, responsible for the quality infrastructure - the Ministry of Economy;

·      Public Institution  National Metrology Institute;

·      National Standards Base;

·      National Technical Council on Metrology;

·      Agency for Consumer’s Protection;

·      Metrological departments of juridical persons.



Ministry of Economy performs the following functions:

·        Elaboration and coordination in realization of state policy in the domain of metrology;

·        Elaboration of legislative basis and taking part in elaboration and agreement of normative acts projects for the purpose of assurance of measurement results traceability to International System of Units (SI system);

·        Affirmation of regulations in legislative metrology within the competence;

·        Maintenance of National Registries of the National System of Metrology (national measurements standards, legal metrology regulations and authorized entities);

·        Coordination of metrological activity of the central public administration branch bodies, both juridical and individuals that accomplish activities in the domain of metrology;

·        Represents the Republic of Moldova to regional and international organizations of metrology together with the national metrology institute;

·        Designation of the juridical persons for verification of legal measuring instruments and for the carrying out official measurements on the basis of certificate of accreditations issued by the national accreditation body;

·        Approval of training programs in the field of metrology, including trainings programs for experts in the field of legal metrology, technical experts in metrology and verification officers.




The Public Institution National Metrology Institute is a legal entity and accomplishes its activity on the basis of regulations affirmed by Central Metrology Authority and by regulations and provisions of current law. The National Metrology Institute performs the following functions:

Functions on legal metrology:

·           Development of legal metrology regulations harmonized with international and regional practices;

·           Execution of technical works in the domain of legal metrology (type approval, primary, periodical and expert verifications of measuring instruments, official measurements, metrological examinations of the normative documents projects);

·           Conduct of state measuring instruments registries, legal methodology of metering, regulations in legal metrology and parties registered in National Metrology System;

·           Participation in work of international and regional forums in the domain of metrology together with CMA;

·           Realization of agreements on mutual recognition of type approval and verification, technical competence of verification, testing laboratories and laboratories for calibration of measuring instruments and standard samples;

·           Recognition of the results of metrological tests for EC type approval, EC verifications of measuring instruments, and the relevant certificates, realized in the European Union states – members;

·           State registration of juridical persons fulfilling activities on repair, sale, rent and assembly of measuring instruments, and juridical persons who manufacture, import or package the products.


Functions on general metrology:

·           Realization of national policy in the domain of metrology;

·           Creation, development and maintenance of national and reference standards, storage and transmission of legal units;

·           Assurance of measuring results traceability through comparison of national database of standards on regional and international levels, maintenance of national and reference standards, storage and transmission of legal units;

·           Training and professional development of experts in legal metrology, technical experts in metrology and verification officers;

·           Elaboration and examination of the normative documents projects on assurance of measurements traceability, approved in metrological requirements with international and national documents of other countries.


Agency for Consumer’s Protection was created in according with Government Decision number 936/31.07.2011, as a result of reorganization of Main State Inspectorate for Market Surveillance Metrology and Consumer Protection. Agency for Consumer’s Protection is a juridical person having legislative functions of the metrological control and supervision over the national internal market.


Metrological departments of legal entities:

Metrological services of  legal entities authorized by the national system of metrology to carry out works in the field of metrology, perform the functions of provisioning of unity and accuracy of the measurements by executing verifications of legalized measurement instruments or/and official measurements.





 Ministry of Economy of Republic of Moldova - Central Authority of Metrology


Mr. Octavian CALMIC,

Vice Prime Minister, Minister

1 Piata Marii Adunari Nationale str. MD-2033, CHISINAU

tel.  + 373 22 250 107

fax: + 373 22 234 064



Mr. Vitalie IURCU,

Vice Minister

1 Piata Marii Adunari Nationale str. MD-2033, CHISINAU

tel.: +373 22 250 591

fax: +373 22 250 670

e-mail:  vitalie.iurcu

Mrs. Ana Turcan

Director of General Direction of quality

infrastructure and market surveillance

 1 Piata Marii Adunari Nationale str. MD-2033, CHISINAU

tel. :+373 22 250 677



Public Institution   National Metrology Institute  


Mr. Anatolie MELENCIUC,

General Director

28 E. Coca str., MD 2064, CHISINAU

tel.:     +373 22 903 100

fax:     +373 22 903 111  





Agency for Consumer’s Protection

78 Vasile. Alexandri str., MD 2012, CHISINAU

tel: +373 22 501 980        

fax: +373 22 501 981