Area: 17,075 millions-sq. km
Population: 145.2 millions inhabitants
Capital: Moscow
last update: 30.08.2016

All activity on assuring the uniformity of measurements in Russia is based on the Law of the Russian Federation On Assuring the Uniformity of Measurements issued in 2010

Realisation of this Law, fulfilment of metrological functions and terms of reference are approved by Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation No. 314 of 9 March, 2004 and No. 649 of 20 May, 2004 and Government Directive No. 294 of 17 June, 2004 and are implemented by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) under the Federal Ministry of Industry and Energy (Minpromtorg of Russia).

Head of the Metrology Department:
Mr. Roman Rodin

Address: 9 Leninsky Prospect, 117049 Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7 499236 75 60

+7 499236 30 42

Fax: +7 499236 62 31


The State Metrology Service is a subsidiary of Rosstandart, which incorporates state scientific centres (research metrology institutes) and local metrology departments of different regions of Russia.

Rosstandart coordinates the work of the following:

          State Service of Time and Frequency
and Determination of the Earth Rotation Parameters (SSTF);

          State Service of Reference Materials
of the Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials (SSRM);

          State Service of Standard Reference Data
of Physical Constants and Properties of Substances and Materials (SSSRD).

Rosstandart carries out state metrological surveillance and control over measuring instruments.

State regulation in the field of assurance of measurement uniformity is executed in the following forms:

          type approval of reference materials or type of measuring instruments;

          verification of measuring instruments;

          metrological expertise;

          state metrological supervision;

          attestation of measurement procedures (methods);

          accreditation of legal entities and self-employed entrepreneurs to perform work and (or) render services in the field of assurance of measurement uniformity.

The state metrological supervision shall include:

          observance of obligatory requirements in the field of state regulation of assurance of measurement uniformity to measurements, quantity units, and also to measurement standards of quantity units, reference materials, measuring instruments during their release from manufacture, import to the territory of the Russian Federation, sale and application in the territory of the Russian Federation;

          availability and observance of the certified measurement procedures (methods);

          observance of obligatory requirements to deviation of quantity of prepackaged products from the declared value.

International cooperation in the field of metrology is performed with the following organisations:

          International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML);

          International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM);

          Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions (COOMET);

          Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF);

          Interstate Council for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification (EASC);

          other international and regional organisations.

Metrology institutes of Russian Federation actively collaborate with national metrology centres of Germany, the USA, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Japan, France, Korea, China, India, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc.

A good deal of activity regarding the development, improvement, maintenance and use of national measurement standards, as well as research in the field of metrology including elaboration of normative documents of GSI is carried out by Metrology Institutes of Rosstandart. The majority
of these institutes is specialised in specific fields of measurements and accredited as state test centres of measuring instruments and verification centres, as bodies on voluntary certification
of measuring instruments and at the same time authorised to perform accreditation in the Russian System of Calibration (RSC).

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology named after D.I. Mendeleev (VNIIM)

Director: Mr. Kirill Gogolinsky

Address: 19 Moscovsky Prospect, 190005 Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

Telephone: +7 812 251 76 01

Fax: +7 812 713 01 14


The institute is a successor of the Central Chamber of Measures and Weights, which was the first and one of the oldest world metrology institutions. It is also the biggest world research centre of metrology and leading Russian research organisation in the field of metrology that maintains national measurement standards and has an official status of the State Research Centre of the Russian Federation.

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS)

Director: Dr. Alexander Kuzin

Address: 46 Ozernaya Str., 119361 Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7 495 437 55 77

Fax: +7 495 437 56 66


VNIIMS is the main centre of the State Metrology Service and a centre of measurement standards in the filed of measurements of middle pressures, geometric parameters of machined surfaces and form deviations of rotating objects, high and ultrahigh voltages, etc.

It carries out research and engineering in the filed
of scientific, applied and legal metrology.

VNIIMS is a scientific-methodological centre of the Russian System of Calibration (RSC) and certification of measuring instruments. It also acts as a head organisation of Rosstandart of Russia in international cooperation and training and information resource in the field of metrology.

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements (VNIIOFI)

Director: Dr. Vladimir Krutikov

Address: 46 Ozernaya Str., 119361
Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7 495 437 56 33

Fax: +7 495 437 31 47


VNIIOFI is a leading organisation on assuring the uniformity of measurements in the fields of photometry; radiometry (including laser radiometry); spectroradiometry and spectrophotometry; colorimetry; radiation pyrometry; sensitometry and densitometry; refractometry and polarimetry; measurements of the parameters of fibre-optics data transmission systems (FOTS); measurements of optical parameters of high-speed processes; measurements of pulse parameters of electric and magnetic fields.

VNIIOFI is designated as:

          head organisation in the field of measurements of optical and physical parameters and parameters of high-speed processes;

          head organisation for assuring the uniformity
of measurements in public health and in manufacture of medical equipment;

          head organisation for assuring the uniformity
of measurements in the field of non-destructive testing.

VNIIOFI takes part in the work of the Russian ommittee on igh-Speed Photography and Photonics, which includes leading scientists of Russian Academy of Sciences, experts of higher education system and industry.

The Ural Scientific Research Institute of Metrology (UNIIM)

Director: Dr. Sergey Medvedevskikh

Address: 4 Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., 620000, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Telephone: +7 3433 50 26 18

Fax: +7 3433 50 20 39


Scientific and methodological centre of the State Service of Certified Reference Materials for composition and properties of substances and materials, providing scientific and guidance support of the works and coordination of interstate and interbranch activities on the production, testing and implementation of certified reference materials with the aim of ensuring the uniformity of measurements on the basis of their use.

It carries out scientific research, develops measurement standards and certified reference materials for ensuring the uniformity of measurements of temperature and thermo-physical parameters, surface density and thickness of coatings, magnetic and electrical quantities, linear and angular parameters, deformation and force, mass, torque and mechanical power, pressure, humidity of solid substances, physical chemistry composition and properties of substances and materials.

Expert centre for accreditation in the areas of conformity assessment and ensuring the uniformity of measurements, Scientific and methodological centre for organization and holding interlaboratory comparison tests; Centre for testing and verification (calibration) of measurement instruments; Certification body for measurement instruments, certified reference materials and industrial products; Testing centre for nanoindustry substances, materials and products.

Quality Management System was recognized by COOMET Quality Forum as complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34.

Siberian State Scientific Research Institute of Metrology (SNIIM)

Director: Mr. Gennady Shuvalov

Address: 4 Dimitrov Prospect, 630004, Novosibirsk, Russia

Telephone: +7 383 210 08 14

Fax: +7 383 210 13 60


SNIIM is a centre of measurement standards of the parameters of electro-radio circuits at high and ultra high frequencies; electro-magnetic features of materials at high and ultra high frequencies; heavy loads; thermal torrents; minor lengths.

SNIIM maintains reference installation, which is a part of the equipment of the State Service of Time and Frequencies (SSTF) and the determination of the Earth rotation parameters.


All-Russian scientific research institute of flow measurement (VNIIR)

Acting Director: Mr. Vladimir Solovyev

Adress: 7a, 2 Azinskaya Str., 420088, Kazan, Russia

Telephone: + 7 843 272 70 62

Fax: + 7 843 272 00 32



The institute is the main center in Russia in the field of metrological support of measurements of flow and amount of liquids and gases, the volume and weight (in flow) of liquids and gases, volume (capacity measure) fluids, fluid level and granular media, physico-chemical properties and composition of crude oil and petroleum products. Is the center of the state primary standards. It has the status of the State Scientific Metrological Center of Russia.

National Research Institute of Physicotechnical and Radio Engineering Measurements (VNIIFTRI)

General Director: Dr. Sergey Donchenko

Address: Mendeleevo, Solnechnogorsky District, 141570, Moscow Region, Russia

: +7 495 744 81 12

: +7 495 944 52 68


VNIIFTRI with its regional branches is a national metrology institute, which maintains and operates national primary and secondary standards in various metrology areas such as time and frequency, long distances, positioning, radio frequency measurements, magnetism, low temperature and thermophysical properties, high pressure, hardness of metals, sound in air and water, electrochemistry (pH, ions, electrolytic conductivity), disperse parameters of aerosols, suspensions and powders, ionizing radiation and nuclear constants. The institute also develops acousto-optic methods
of measurement and provides metrology solutions to construction industry needs.


VNIIFTRI has the status of a State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation; it serves as the Main Metrology Center for the State Service for Time, Frequency and Earth Orientation Parameters, supporting its operation in cooperation with other institutions.


VNIIFTRI has the following below mentioned branches:

VNIIFTRI East-Siberian branch (ESB)

Director: Dr. Victor Yegorov

Address: 57 Borodina Str., 664056, Irkutsk, Russia

Telephone: +7 3952 46 83 03

Fax: +7 3952 46 38 48



The East-Siberian Branch is a metrology centre responsible for providing the uniformity of measurements in astro-optical and satellite determinations of Earth Orientation Parameters.
It is also a centre for time and frequency standards in the East Siberian region, national primary standards for the dielectric parameters of substances and materials, and the humidity
of gases.


VNIIFTRI Far East branch (FEB)

Director: Dr. Yuri Lykov

Address: 65 K. Marks Str., 680000, Khabarovsk, Russia

Telephone: +7 4212 32 92 68

Fax: +7 4212 30 15 66



The Far-Eastern Branch is a regional metrology centre for time and frequency standards in the
Far East. It is also involved in providing the uniformity of ultrasonic measurements in solids.


VNIIFTRI Kamchatka branch (KB)

Director: Dr. Vladislav Sobolev

Address: Russian Federation, 683002, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,

Severo-Vostochnoye highway, 30, P.O.Box 26

Phone: +7 4152 49 75 41

Fax: +7 415 2 49 75 48

The Kamchatka Branch is a regional metrology centre, which is part of the State Service for Time, Frequency and Earth Orientation Parameters.

The Central Scientific Metrology Centre of the State Service for Standard Reference Data on Physical Constants and Properties of Substances and Materials (CSMC SRD) functions as a department of FGUP VNIIMS.

Head of CSMC SRD: Dr. Alexander Kozlov

Address: 46 Ozernaya Str., 119361 Moscow, Russia, FGUP VNIIMS

: +7 (495) 781-48-71

: 8 (495) 437 56 66


CSMC SRD carries out:

          development and certification of standard reference data tables (SRD), and maintains
a register of SRD tables;

          development and certification of SSSRD procedures and recommended reference data (RRD), and maintains tables of RRD and SSSRD procedures;

          development of software for the implementation of SRD tables and SSSRD procedures;

          development of data bases for the properties
of substances and materials;

          information provision with certified reference data on the properties of substances and materials.

Center for Surface and Vacuum Research (NICPV)

Director: Prof. Dr. Pavel Todua

Address: 40/1 Novatorov Str., 119421, Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7 495 935 97 77

Fax: +7 495 935 96 90


The major activities of NICPV are as follows:

          complex study of structure, physicochemical and mechanical surface properties of a solid body and thin films, characteristics of processes at the phase thresholds with the purpose to develop high-accuracy measurement instruments and methods for controlling technological processes aiming at assuring the uniformity of measurements in future technologies including micro- and nanotechnologies;

          research in the field of fundamental metrology directed at the creation and improvement of methods and high-accuracy measuring instruments, development of physical principles and creation of reference base of a new generation;

          development of methods and instruments for disseminating physical units from current measurement standards to working instruments, development of special standards for assuring uniformity of measurement in micro-, opto-, nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, precise machine-building, instrument making, biotechnology and microbiology, genetic engineering, chemistry and chemical technology;

          development of high-accuracy measurement instruments in the field of geometrical, vibro-acoustic and physicochemical measurements.

NICPV carries out tests and quality surveillance of production in science intensive technologies and industries with the purpose of conformity assessment.

The research facilities of NICPV include standards and high-accuracy apparatuses for length measurement in micro- and nano-meter ranges.