Area: 447,4 thousand-sq. km
Population: 26.5 millions inhabitants
last update: 14.10.2013

The legal basis of the system for assuring the uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Uzbekistan (SAUM) was laid down in 1993 in the Law on Metrology and in the Directive of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The organizational structure of the SAUM is represented by:

·           the State Metrology Service;

·           metrological service of legal persons.

The Sate Metrology Service is headed by Uzbek Agency for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification (“Uzstandard” Agency).

General Director:   Abdusalam Kurbanov

Address:                          333”A” Farobiy Str., 100049, Republic of Uzbekistan

Telephone:                                  998 71 244 96 01

Fax:                                            998 71 244 80 28


The state metrological service headed by “Uzstandard” Agency includes:

·           the State Institution “Centre of National Standards of Republic of Uzbekistan”;

·           the State Enterprise “Centre of Metrological Services”;

·           Scientific Research Institute of Standardisation, Metrology and Certification;

·           the Main Centre of Metrological Service;

·           the Main Centre of Reference Materials;

·           the Main Centre for Nondistructive Testing;

·           territorial (Karakalpak, regional and city) administrations of standardisation and metrology.

Major branches of activities are as follows:

·           maintenance of the common policy on the matters regarding the assurance of the uniformity of measurements, as well as coordination of the implementation and development of the SAUM;

·           development of legal and other directives aiming at assuring the uniformity of measurements; definition of priorities in improving metrology;

·           organisation of the development and approval of national standards and other normative documents regulating the implementation of the SAUM;

·           organisation of the publication and dissemination of normative documents and scientific-technical information in the field of metrology;

·           type approval of imported and domestically produced measuring instruments;

·           organisation and performance of metrological surveillance over measuring instruments and implementation of metrological directives pertaining to measurements in the field of distribution of the state metrological supervision and control;

·           coordination of cooperation in the field of metrology and laboratory accreditation at the international level; representation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international metrology organisations and collaboration with national metrology of other countries.

The leading organisation in the field of developing and maintaining measurement standards is the State Institution “Centre of National Standards of Republic Uzbekistan”.

Director: Mr. Alisher Gulyamov

Address:  333”B” Farobiy Str., 100049, Republic of Uzbekistan

Telephone:          998 71 246 70 06

Fax:                     998 71 150 35 08


The major activities are as follows:

·           coordination and performance of fundamental and practical research with the purpose of assuring the uniformity of measurements;

·           development, maintenance and comparison of national measurement standards;

·           reproduction of measurement units and their dissemination to measurement standards at the level of metrology services;

·           development of a uniform scientific-technical policy in the field of metrology and assurance of the uniformity of measurements;

·           development of normative and methodological documents in the field of metrology;

·           carrying out of state type approval tests, state verification, calibration and metrological evaluation of measuring instruments and other metrology related work;

·           maintenance of the state register of national and primary measurement standards;

·           carrying out of metrological evaluation of measurement procedures;

·           participation in the cooperation projects in the field of metrology at regional and international levels as a National Metrology Institute;

·           participation in training and improving of professional skills of personnel engaged in metrology activities.

The structure of the State Metrology Service includes also metrological departments of 14 territorial administrations of standardisation and metrology and the Republican Centre of Tests and Certification.

Scientific Research Institute for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (SRISMC)

Director: Mr. Rustam Jabbadrov

Address:  9 “”, Chopon Ota str., 100059, Tashkent city, Republic of Uzbekistan

Telephone:          998 71 253 85 67

Fax:                     998 71 253 85 55


The major activities are as follows:

·           rendering of the methodical help to the organization and perfection of metrological services of the enterprises and organizations, analytical laboratories, services of working out of standard samples and nondestructive inspection;

·           working out of documents on the pattern approval of metrological attestation, checking of measuring instruments;

·           attestation of methods for carrying out measurings, including working out of the necessary documents package;

·           preparation of the analytical control services for accreditation;

·           rendering of the methodical and practical help in working out and manufacturing of standard samples;

·           metrological examination of normative and technical documents;

·           examination of documents on imported standard samples for the purpose of their admission to application in Uzbekistan territory;

·           marketing researches in the field of standard samples;

·           preparation of the nondestructive inspection services for accreditation;

·           attestation of nondestructive inspection techniques;

independent, from the state metrological surveillance services, audit of a condition of metrological maintenance of manufactures and the enterprises.